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German VHF-UHF-SHF AmateurRadio Station
Claus Neie DL7QY, D-74594 Schwabenaecker 49, Kressberg ph: 0049 (0) 7951 7418, cneie@aol.com


Visual Basic 6 Programmers: All downloads including free source code All downloads including free source code   Shack DL7QY   ARlog VB6 download Simple VHF/SHF Log  run on WIN XP+WIN7+WIN8+WIN10 _____________________________________________________________________________ ARlogQ 2.0.8 HF/VHF/SHF Log program with Google Earth Grid exposition works on WIN XP-WIN7-WIN8-WIN10 data backup.mdb from Eurowinlog ARlog, ARTools and ArlogNEW compatible. Download ARlogQ 2.0.8 NEW ARlogQ ReadMe ARlogQ mit QSL Druck und GoogleEarth Darstellung läuft auf WIN XP + WIN7 + WIN8 + WIN10 Hier einige Beispiele in Echtzeit auf GoogleEarth. Hier können Sie GoogeEarth kostenlos downloaden. ARlogQ with QSL printing and Google Earth representation runs on WIN XP + WIN7 + WIN8.+ WIN10 Here are some examples in real time on Google Earth. Here you can download free GoogeEarth. _____________________________________________________________________________ NEW ArlogNEW BCN 2.1.3 mit (Fern) Steuerung (FT847 + FT991) WINXP+WIN7+WIN8+WIN10, QSL printer recommended HP P1102W _____________________________________________________________________________ ARnmea download GPS to Locator 10 Digit  ARpacket download DX-cluster inet packet ARspectrum download Small AF Spectrumanalyzer ARTools download above programmes + FT847 + FT991 CRT + CW Generator + camera video heading display run on WIN XP only >

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NEW Arlog BCN 2.1.3